I’m (almost) as passionate about the trillions of microbes that live in our gut, aka the microbiome, as I am about having a true love & appreciation of the way that food makes us feel both physically and mentally

Growing up in a Welsh/Polish household I was no stranger to home cooked meals and plenty of way in ferments – sauerkraut was obviously a main stay at home. We were brought up to sit and eat together and were encouraged to have a very positive and intuitive approach to eating & enjoying food.

Fast forward many years later into my first career in the dizzy heights of fashion PR and it was anything BUT “healthy”. By which I mean long hours, grabbing whatever I could on the go and/or skipping meals, being sucked into weird diets and all that silly stuff along with the surmounting pressures of maintaining a high-profile job and it’s no wonder I got sick.

It was my gut that started to show the first signs of being unhappy that lead to recurrent infections and eventually a bit of a miserable viscous cycle.

Eventually I found the answers I needed through nutritional therapy and functional medicine that prompted me to want to help others in the same way.

So, I spent three years studying and qualifying to become a practitioner myself and have been actively seeing clients for more than a decade.

In my learning experience and subsequently with my clients I have had to massively undo some of the preconceived ideas that we are often exposed to around nutrition and food because frankly and wholeheartedly, I believe that having a positive and healthy approach to food & nutrition is not about restriction or rules. It is having an inclusive, diverse and embracive repertoire with our food.

If we truly want to have an authentic life-long attitude towards nourishing ourselves, which by the way food is only one part, then quick fixes, fads, detoxes and diets are not going to cut the proverbial mustard.

It sounds a bit too obvious and potentially banal but I believe in working towards a balanced and functional approach that supports the body, most notably the gut, on a deeper and more intrinsic level so that we can achieve optimum well-being.

And to enjoy our food. I mean REALLY enjoy it!