My guiding philosophy & aim is to help you find a balanced, happier and healthier place both physically and mentally. As a specialist in gut health I believe this to be the core of our overall health and well-being.


Consultations consist of an initial one-hour session to discuss presenting symptoms and conditions that you are experiencing.

During this meeting we will discuss food & nutrition as well as considering lifestyle and emotional factors to give me an overall and comprehensive picture of where you best need support & guidance.

This allows me to assess potential underlying causes and on-going factors that may be creating, as well as driving, symptoms and/or conditions.

I use functional medical testing as part of my practise which includes stool analysis, saliva tests and blood testing where applicable that can give data to further support recommendations.

You can also book in a discovery call with me if you are starting to think about exploring nutritional therapy, gut health and functional medicine and have some initial questions. This is a short 5-10 minute call without charge to help you simply get a feel of how we might work together. It is not to offer advice or discuss symptoms but it can be a useful lead into a full consultation.


Find me in my private practice at the serene Cloud Twelve in Notting Hill as well as virtually all over the world through the various realms of Zoom, FaceTime and Skype.

Nutritional Therapy + FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE

Nutritional therapy is about using food and natural supplements to help support innate healing abilities and for each person their journey will be entirely unique.

I use bespoke and individualised food, lifestyle and supplement recommendations as part of my practise alongside functional medicine testing where relevant. For each and every person their journey will be entirely unique.

My specialised area is in gut health and digestive conditions that include IBS & IBD as well as the myriad conditions linked to the gut that include auto-immune diseases, mood disorders & skin issues. However, I do see clients that simply want to improve their well-being more generally.

I’m also passionate about helping to support a positive relationship and connection with our food. As such I like to provide my clients with lots of menu suggestions and recipes to give them plenty inspiration in the kitchen!


The fascinating frontier of gut health & the microbiome (aka the trillions of microbes that live in our gut) has gained, and continues to gain, a huge amount of research and traction.

We are only just discovering the magnitude that the health of our gut has on our overall vitality that links to many digestive conditions as well as a multitude of chronic diseases. So much so that the microbiome is being considered an organ in its own right due to its far-reaching influence.

As a self-confessed ‘gut enthusiast’, I’m extremely passionate about how supporting the gut can bring us to a happier & healthier place. As such this forms a fundamental part of my clinical practise as well as the underpinning for my editorial and consultancy work. As Hippocrates, deemed the father of medicine famously said “all disease begins in the gut”, and for me I think it forms a significant part of the centre of our wellbeing.

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